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Monday, April 14, 2014

FINALLY! The "shop" starts to take shape

So finally the cold weather has hopefully passed us by and I can actually do some woodworking!  But first I had to set up some of my "shop".  Up till now this was the mess I had to work with.

It is a 2 car garage that I have to share with the family.  If you can't tell there is a TON of junk behind the tools as well.  This made for a very frustrating working experience.  But now with the warm weather I was able to move the summer stuff out, clear out some junk and create a dedicated space for my woodworking obsession.  What a difference a day makes!

I still have a few items in the corner to donate and that will give me even MORE room.  I am very excited to have this much space.  Now I don't plan to build anything permanent right away.  I want to see exactly how I will work with my tools as well as where they will be shooting dust.  Almost all of my upcoming projects will be around shop set up.  Projects like tool organizers, safety cabinet and shop jigs.  Oh boy let the fun begin!!

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