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Friday, March 7, 2014

Article about my first real woodworking project

I had the opportunity to write an article for one of my favorite woodworkers Jay Bates over at Jay's Custom Creations about what I learned during my first real woodworking project which was a play table for my kids.  I got the plans from a DIYer Ana White (  She has TONS of free plans and instructions.  

So please head over to the Jay's site to check out the article to see how I built the table and chairs below as well as some great newbies woodworking learnings.

Click here for "What I Learned From My First Real Woodworking Project" article

1 comment:

  1. Adam,
    I just read your post on Jay's site and wanted to say thanks. I too started because I just couldn't bring myself to spend $200+ on something I thought I could build.

    I have only been at it since this fall, but so far I have built a corner shelf for the TV (mostly to hide the cables from the kids), a coat rack, and the big one was a bed for my daughter.

    Glad you mentioned as she has some really great plans that lead to great ideas.

    Best of luck with your new passion.