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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

How the Journey began

Hello Everyone,

My name is Adam and I am a NEW woodworker.  I recently found the passion for woodworking out of necessity.  The short story is my son needed a small bookshelf for his room.  The one my wife wanted was one of those kiddy canvas sling jobs....with shipping it was going to cost me $110!  It was a few sticks with canvas sewed on it for a $110...I could not justify that so while on a business trip, in a corporate office I saw a simple design for a on the wall book shelf.  I thought to myself "I could build that!" even though I have NEVER built anything from scratch before.  So I came home, bought a circular saw, some nails and a 2x4 foot piece of 3/4 inch plywood.  2 weeks later, a failed "test" piece (which just means I screwed up the first one I tried) and a lot of specific internet research I built 2 boxes with a missing top.

To be honest I am damn proud of those shelves and even though it should have taken me an afternoon I am happy with the results.  But now I am obsessed!  What did I do next?  Googled "working with wood"...I am almost ashamed to admit this but I was not even aware of the term "woodworking".  I am a New Yorker who sells software, has 2 young kids loves technology and video games.  Woodworking was a world I simply never crossed paths with.  So after a little found this awesome world of woodworking and more importantly the woodworking community in general.  There are a group of people who are on the internet who are out there suppling FREE content to push us to learn, grow and inspire us make anything we want.

A FEW of my favorites are:

Jay Bates -
Steve Ramsey -
Izzy Swan -
Frank Howarth -
David Picciuto -
John Heisz -

And there are many, many more!

What do I hope to do with this blog?  Simply to share my journey into this excited, creative world.  The one thing that all these individuals have is experience and what I hope to bring to the table is sharing how my inexperience will grow as I learn from others and most importantly from doing.

I hope you jump on cause it's going to be a fun ride!


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  2. Awesome! I'm learning too, so it's great to see others in the same journey

    1. Thanks! You got a good blog going and I am following you. Good luck!

  3. Adam,
    Welcome to the online woodworking community. Looking forward to see what you do.

    1. Thank you sir! Not sure how to address you is it Father, Friar Thomas, Mr. Bailey? I don't want to be disrespectful. :-)