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Friday, March 7, 2014

The Woodworking Community...truly an Amazing Group

One of the best things about woodworking and DIYers is the community.  There is such an overwhelming amount of sharing and helping it blows my mind.  Woodworkers are so overly helpful whether it’s helping you figure something out or explaining a technique or sharing experiences with tools it is amazing.  I actually have a personal theory on it.

1.  Anyone doing woodworking or into DIY has a strong passion for it, it's not a something you "do on the side" or "do every now and then".  This is something that gets inside of you and really fires you up.  And when you are excited and see other people take an interest in the same thing well it goes super nova pretty quickly.

2.  Most people aren't born with a knowledge base on how to build or fix something.  So most of us have learned from others and can remember when we knew nothing.  So when we are placed in a position to help someone else and pass knowledge on we remember what it was like to be in his or her shoes.

3.  Generally woodworking is a solitary activity.  Half the time you have a respirator, ear protection and safely goggles on so you couldn't talk or hear someone else if they were in the shop with you.  So doing all that work alone will eventually make you want to get out to interact with others.

Who would want to talk to this?!?

Here are two videos of two different woodworkers that I learn from and follow on YouTube.  They both were in need of some tool upgrades and without asking woodworkers got together to get them the tools.  I honestly love the emotion these guys display.

Welcome to the woodworking community!  Once you are in…you will never want to leave.

First Video is from Steve Ramsey’s videoblog  

Second Video is from Laney Shaughnessy


  1. The online wood working community is awesome, so much can be learned from blogs and you tube. Welcome to the group